Four Seasons of Mindfulness: Summer




Join us for a 90-minute online event that will immerse you in guided mindfulness meditation, insightful discussions, reflections, and narratives centered around the essence of summer. This season, with its warm days, cool swims, and the pleasure of relaxing under a shady tree, offers a unique opportunity to explore mindfulness in a vibrant, lively context. Summer’s longer days and abundant sunshine invite us to embrace the fullness of life, relish the bounty of nature, and find joy in simple pleasures.

As we indulge in favorite summer fruits and refreshing icy beverages, we’ll delve into the qualities of summer that inspire growth, playfulness, and vitality. This session will encourage us to cultivate mindfulness practices that align with the energy and exuberance of summer, fostering a deeper connection to the present moment and to ourselves. Together, we’ll reflect on the interplay of light and warmth and how they can enrich our spiritual journey, preparing us to carry the insights and energy of summer into the rest of the year.

Participants will receive their Zoom link upon registration.