Embark on a mesmerizing 90-minute journey with me! Dive into an online experience like no other, weaving together guided mindfulness meditation, thought-provoking discussions, heartfelt reflections, and captivating stories and poems—all centered around the enchanting qualities of winter.

Let’s embrace the allure of this season, a time for natural introspection, rest, and renewal. As the world outside hushes with shorter days, longer nights, bare trees, and chilly breezes, let’s reflect on the profound cyclical nature of life. Winter invites us to gracefully close one chapter and eagerly prepare for the dawn of a new one.

In the tranquil moments, discover inspiration to dream, plan, and nurture qualities of equanimity and deep presence. This contemplative phase offers a golden opportunity to weave the lessons of the past year into our beings, gathering strength for the journey ahead.

Uncover the hidden gifts of winter and how they can beautifully enrich your spiritual practice. Join me in exploring the wisdom of the season, bridging the gap from darkness and rest to the vibrant reawakening of the warmer, brighter months. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary gathering—it’s time to embrace the winter magic within and around us, together!